Arise Church

Wellbeing Cafe - Good News Reports

A user of the food bank visited the café for the first time, sharing details about their situation and family life. They expressed a desire to return to work and later visited the café to charge their phone before a job interview in the city. This provided an opportunity for a supportive conversation, offering words of encouragement. A week later, they reported successfully securing the job, with additional assistance from the Bridge Churches present appeal. The family, who previously shared only a blanket, received grant money through Big Local Arise Church, enabling them to purchase bedding, a duvet, and a duvet set for their child. This individual has since become a regular at the café, feeling at ease and engaging with volunteers on an open and trusting level.

A new family, consisting of three children, relocated to Lincoln from Nigeria because one family member was pursuing studies at the university. Upon their arrival, facing delays in receiving loans and benefits, they sought assistance from a food bank. We provided them with a food parcel. During our conversation, we learned that they were using only one single duvet for sleeping. With grant funds, the church acquired duvets, covers, and bedding for the children. The adults started attending the Wellbeing café regularly, where discussions about job opportunities in the local area took place, and guidance was provided regarding local schools. Through the assistance of Citizens Advice, they were connected with additional services, contributing to a smoother transition. This case study highlights the effective interconnection and collaboration of various services.