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Help raise money to support Moriah Orphanage

Located in Kolar Gold Fields, Bangalore, India, and run by Monovah and Beulah Nickelson, Moriah Orphanage is a home for young girls who would otherwise be without one, or whose parents are unable to support them. 


Throughout the years Moriah has provided a place where girls can grow up in safety, know what is means to be loved, and introduced to Jesus, all while they attend school and are taught invaluable life skills to prepare them for the future. This important work has changed the destinies of many young girls, many of whom are now grown and are raising children of their own. 

Currently Moriah Orphanage is home to 14 girls ranging from 5 years to 18 years old.

By running the Midlands Tough Mudder (15kms, and 20+ obstacles of mud, wet, and sweat!) We’re seeking to raise a total of £500 to help provide school uniforms, stationary, equipment and materials that the girls will need for their education.


If you’d like to help us please consider donating using the link below.